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  1. Question: What do I need to bring to get a driving permit?
    Answer: You will need your Social Security card and your birth certificate.
  2. Question: How much is a driver’s license renewal?
    Answer: The cost for renewal is $20.
  3. Question: How can I find out if I’m on the Court docket?
    Answer: Go to the Circuit Court Clerk’s web site at
  4. Question: How do I enroll in state traffic school?
    Answer: Request to be enrolled when you pay court costs, and you will be notified by Frankfort.
  5. Question: Where may I attend state traffic school?
    Answer: You may choose from the list sent to you by Frankfort. Currently, the cities of Campbellsville, Bardstown or Vine Grove are the closest to LaRue County.
  6. Question: What days are driver’s road tests given?
    Answer: The designated times are available at the Circuit Court Clerk’s web site at
  7. Question: Where may I find information about the “Trust for Life” Organ Donation program?
    Answer: Information about the program are available at the Circuit Court Clerk’s web site at