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Contact: Jill Gray (Solid Waste Coordinator)
Phone: 270-234-6619 or 270-358-9903, ext. 1008
Email: [email protected]
Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm, Mon-Fri for those needing assistance in dropping off recyclables
Open 24 hours a day for bin drop-off
Office hours in the Courthouse are 8:00AM-4:30PM, Mon-Fri
Directions: The LaRue County Recycling Center is located at 209 E. Water Street across from the LaRue County Fire Department


  1. Question: Who will pick up my garbage and how do I contact them?
    Answer: For the City of Hodgenville, the hauler is Allied Waste Industries, Inc. (270-737-5221). For LaRue County, the hauler is Waste Transport Services, LLC (270-234-9278).
  2. Question: What am I allowed to burn?
    Answer: You are allowed to burn branches, leaves and brush. When planning a controlled burn, please call a dispatcher at 270-358-9876, and let them know prior to burning.
  3. Question: What can be recycled in LaRue County?
    Answer: Plastics Nos. 1-7 with a neck smaller than the base, cardboard/paperboard, office paper (MOP), newspapers, and metal/aluminum cans can be recycled.
  4. Question: Does my trash have to put in trash bags?
    Answer: Yes! Local and state laws require all solid waste to be properly stored/contained prior to disposal.
  5. Question: Can I do anything about my neighbor and all his/her junk cars and/or trash?
    Answer: There is a nuisance ordinance for both the city and the county. For more details or to lodge a complaint, contact the Solid Waste Coordinator.